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Reiki and Energywork

Allowing the energy of Reiki, which literally means, Universal Life Force Energy to help assist in healing.   Feeling calmness, harmony, peace helps areas of the body to relax and let go of trauma in a gentle soothing way.  

For those that are interested: I also teach Independent Usui Reiki Levels One thru Three.  You can then do self treatments and send Reiki to love ones, as well as have students of your own.  Some people just need to receive and be in the moment.  Class times are separate than healing sessions. 

As a student, I was interested in finding all the different kinds of Reiki.  I have quite the collection now, and if you are interested in receiving any of these, please let me know.   Each has their own fee.  

Dolphin Reiki is free to all.   Helps you to evolve and be in harmony.

Money Reiki Levels 1-3, $15 per level.  Helps with healing money issues.

Angel Reiki $25 (for reiki masters only)  For protection and prayers to be heard

Independent Usui Reiki Levels 1-3, Level: $150. Level 2: $225,  Level 3: $500

New Wave Reiki $10  Helps to bring the new pathway of abundance and divine love.

Imara Reiki $30  Helps to organize and cleanse.

I just learned Holy Fire Karuna Reiki a couple months ago and will be gearing up to teach that as well.  It helps you to connect to your Authentic Self and release dormant negative energy, which everyone has because of conditioning from a child to an adult.  It's good for helping you heal after Chemo and Radiation, it helped me a lot.  Also so peaceful and strong.  I feel blessed by this energy.  The class was a lot more than any other class I took. But it was worth it, I am worth it, and so are you!  I paid $1045 for the class over three days time.


I have many more, for now this a great start.  Each have their own manual.  Some of these can be given as an attunement during your session and others need their own class time.   




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