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Professionally massaging for 20+ years and newly leasing an office at 5997 W. State St, Suite B, Boise, ID 83703.

I enjoy helping people learning about massage and how it can help them relax and feel better.   

Massage being my natural talent, using techniques like Gua Sha/Cupping for hard areas, (which affects the tissue 4inches deep into your tissue) and the science of the Meridian lines and pressure points, its amazing to witness how fast pain goes away.  

Bodywork for people helps to reduce stress, pain, and helps one to breathe.  Most people stop breathing well during stress.  Let's get that Breathe-work going!

Our body is a never ending avenue of learning and healing.  Anything you can do to help the body/brain communication engage helps stress release.  The brain communicates so quickly thru the touch of skin to skin receptors (my hands on your back for example), every new glide thru your erector spinea (the muscles down your spine) your brain is already communicating to the strands and you are more and more relaxed.  It's amazing.  :)

When I'm not massaging, I am spending time with my family, painting, listening to music or spend time in nature. Also being with Reiki.  


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