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I have had the pleasure of receiving delicious massages as well as divine Reiki treatments from Breanah. Each time, I leave feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and re-centered. She has a blessed and talented hand.. and I feel lucky to have met her.  Wish we lived closer so I could come in for weekly touch-ups! 
-Sarvy Ferro


I've had the good fortune to receive massage, bodywork, and Reiki from Breanah on multiple occasions.  Her technical understanding of the body, coupled with her intuitive abilities, and genuine desire to assist in the healing process make her uniquely qualified to guide you on your own personal journey to health and wellness.  Not only is Breanah an exceptional therapist, she is professional, kind-hearted, and well versed in a variety of massage modalities.
-Rachel Dunton


I have been having massages and healing sessions from Breanah for several years now.  I see her because she relieves the tight knots in my muscles and also provides a very relaxing environment.  The moment I lie down on the massage table, I feel better.  The environment is so peaceful, it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life.  Sometimes I talk and other times I am quiet, depending on the mood I am in. She is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need it, and lighter pressure on other areas. When she is working the knots out, it “hurts good.”  My father has also had massage and healing sessions by her and he was surprised at how strong her hands are. He lifts weights, and finds that some female massage therapists aren’t able to get deep enough into his muscles, but Breanah can. She is just amazing full of love.
Thank you for been in our lives.

Jai Ma Namzhya


I'm going to start this off with the basics: I was skeptic but open-minded. I found myself in a really dark place in my life.. one of those "nothing seems right" moments we find ourselves in from time to time. Breanah had mentioned the idea of reiki (which I took with a grain of salt) but figured it couldn't hurt to try. LIFE CHANGING! I've shared this experience with so many friends: my depressive state of mind had consumed me, I found myself sitting in my car outside of a coffee shop. I read the words Breanah had asked me to read aloud while she "sent" me reiki. Almost instantly, I broke out into laughter. Just an honest giggle. Not because of what I was doing but because of what I felt. It was as if the anxiety and depression were lifted off my body in little bubbles and each giggle was popping a bubble. After the giggles stopped, I went into the coffee shop and randomly encountered a friend who couldn't stop telling me how great of a mood I seemed to be in (I had grown accustomed to being asked "what's wrong?" "are you ok?" that being noticed for being in such a great mood was such an uplifting experience). From that point on, I knew and trusted in reiki and with Breanah. Thank you Breanah for the positivity and the giggles! -Phillip 


Breanah's massages worked out my muscles so well and helped me tremendously with my low back and neck. I also have received her energy work and reiki sessions. You can tell the reiki she performs comes from very healing hands and makes your body feel all warm as well as balanced. I would recommend Breanah to everyone!!!! 

Jessica Eldridge

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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